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Break ‘em All - The Complete Guide to Fixing Clay Target Shooting Problems shatters the mold of conventional books on clay target shooting. Instead of taking a ‘how-to’ approach to breaking targets, this book focuses on correcting and eliminating common problems which prevent shooters from hitting every clay target they shoot at.

This book breaks down the fundamentals of shotgun shooting into five basic components (position, mount, vision, movement, and psychology) then associates common errors back to these components for correction. For each error the following questions are asked and answered;

·        What does this “really” mean?

·        How do I know if I am doing it?

·        How do I stop doing it?

·        Things I can do to prevent it from happening… again?

This allows the reader to perform self-identification and self-correction of each problem. There is also a section which trains the reader how to perform a self-diagnosis (and correction) of problems that occur in real-time. The appendices of this book are directed towards the competition shooter and spotlight such issues as (a) goal planning for competition, (b) training for competition, (c) practice for competition and (d) performance during competition.

 Foreword by Lloyd Woodhouse – National Shotgun Coach, USA Shooting.


» Foreword by Lloyd Woodhouse «
» Introduction «
» Part I - Solution Methodology «
» Part II - Self-Diagnostics while Shooting «
» Part III - Introduction to the Shooting Position «
1 - Binding up during the Swing
2 - Wrong Hold Point
3 - Finishing off Balance
» Part IV - Introduction to the Shooting Mount «
 4 - Incorrect Gun Fit
5 - Improper Gun Mount
6 - Lifting the Head
» Part V - Introduction to Shooting Vision «
7 - Not Picking up the Target Visually
8 - Not Focusing on the Target
9 - Closing the Eyes
10 - Optical Illusions with Target Presentations
» Part VI - Introduction to Shooting Movements «
11 - Erratic Swing Movements
12 - Riding the Target
13 - Aiming
14 - Stopping the Swing
» Part VII - Introduction to Shooting Psychology «
15 - Calling for the Target Prematurely
 16 - Flinching
17 - Trapping the Trigger
18 - Choosing the Correct Choke
19 - Performing Poorly under Pressure
20 - Negative Self-Talk
21 - Relaxation
» Part VIII - Tying It All Together «
» Appendices - Introduction to Competition «
A1 - Developing Goals and Plans for Competition
A2 - Training for Competition (Development of Skills through Repetition)
A3 - Preparing for Competition during Practice
A4 - Improving Your Performance in Competition

About The Authors 

BJ McDaniel began as an International Skeet shooter and continued to compete until 1984. Since then he has been coaching for USA Shooting in every phase of the international sport of shotgun shooting. He has developed young shooters from entry level to medal winning world level athletes. He has contributed as the primary instructor and co-author (with Mark Taylor) of the USA Shooting Shotgun Coach Certification Course. He is a Certified International Coach and holds an ISSF Class A Judge license.

B. J. served as the Team Leader to several World Cups and as an assistant Team Leader during the 2001, 2003, and 2005 World Clay Target Championships. He was an official for the shotgun events at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Throughout the years, McDaniel has also been involved internationally as a Team Leader and Judge resulting in establishing a reputation as a most knowledgeable and capable expert of the shotgun sport. B. J. was selected in 2002 as the Development Coach of The Year (Shooting) by USA Shooting and the United States Olympic Committee.

Mark Taylor started shooting American-style trap in 1969. Since that time Mark has competed in American-style trap and American-style skeet regularly/semi-regularly until 1976 at which time he took up International-style trap competitively. Mark resumed American-style trap competition in 1985, shooting ATA registered targets, local club/league matches and shooting at the Grand American trap shoot.

Mark is an Advanced International Coach under USA Shooting’s certified coaching program. Currently, Mark spends the majority of his time coaching junior shooters, and shooting clay targets infrequently with friends.


Trap and Field Magazine's October issue contains a review of the book by Les Greevy. He says........."I suppose that I have read every shotgunning book since Charles Askens and D. Lee Braun, even including the older English works by Greener and Gough Thomas.  This book is different.  It is intended for those shooting competition including both recreational shooters and elite competitors, and it is intended for those who train shooters. .......The first part deals with shooting problems and is of most interest to the recreational competitor.  The second part, the appendices, deals with developing goals and plans for competing – training plans and preparation for competition.  It is a blue print of how to train to win. ........ The book teaches self-diagnosis while shooting.  What do you do when the wheels start to fall off in the middle of a round?  You can’t stop the round, grab your book and look up the solution.  You need to do some real time diagnostics and stop the bleeding now.  B.J. and Mark identify the most common errors and tell you how to solve them.  It is not a bad idea to re-read this part of the book before every competition."

Skeet Shooting Review's December issue contains a book review by Nick Sisley He says in part ......."I found the narrative to become increasingly interesting, increasingly informative. One new-to-me concept regarding the basics of what McDaniel and Taylor call the .....Natural Point of Alignment. ......I think you’ll find their system a good one for achieving the ideal foot and body position, no matter what clay target game you are shooting. Most all of what these two authors say applies to hunting situations, including the NPA."


Shotgun Sports Magazine says the book........"focuses on teaching you how to self-diagnose common shooting problems and gives solutions shooters can easily understand and use. More than telling you how to shoot clay targets, it helps you determine why you are missing and how to solve the problem. Chapters cover the fundamentals and guides in the back help you achieve peak performance and reach your goals. This is the book for anyone who wants to improve his or her clay-target shooting! "
Clay Shooting Magazine in the UK says ......"Instruction books tend to follow a predictable path: stand like this, hold the gun there, look over here and so on. They concentrate on telling you how to go about hitting targets. This new book takes a different approach. It assumes you know a fair bit about what you are doing and concentrates not on how to hit targets, but on how to stop missing them! It is in effect a self diagnosis tool for eliminating errors, breaking shooting down into five fundamental components - position, mount, vision, movement and psychology – and then looking at the common errors associated with each area. For each error the following questions are asked – and answered: • What does this really mean? • How do I know I am doing it? • How do I stop doing it? • What can I do to prevent it happening again? The authors are both highly respected coaches with years of experience coaching American international trap and skeet teams at world and Olympic level. They are co-authors of the USA Shooting Shotgun Coach Certification course. This expertise shines through a refreshingly different and highly recommended book. "

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